Growing a business? It takes more than just a founder to make it happen. Learn how to build an internal and external team that will keep the business going strong.

When you start out as an entrepreneur, you probably are going to need mostly an external team. And the external team would be the people that you’ve hired to navigate the spaces that you just have no idea about. And that would be legal, your business advisory, and accounting. You’ve got to have insurance people, you’ve got to have banking relationships.

These are things that you may think as an entrepreneur, you can’t afford to pay for that and you can do yourself. I assure you. The sooner you engage those individuals to help you, the quicker you’ll reach your successful point.

How about the internal team?

It’s based on a need, not necessarily a want. So what do you need? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses and can you bring in someone to take you to the next level? Should it be exactly who you are? And they should think exactly like you, a clone? That’s what everybody I think thinks, right? If you could just have a clone of yourself, this would be great.

But if you get someone with a little bit different mindset who can see things in a little bit of a different light, has a little bit of a different experience, is able to bring a little bit something different to the table, you start to grow in scale. And also you’re able to have two different conversations and see things a little bit differently as you go through hiring even more teammates.

Here’s a link to the episode we mention featuring Janel Sykora – CMO | Entrepreneur | StoryBrand Certified Guide.



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