On this episode of Empowering Entrepreneurs, we have the pleasure of hosting Nikki Rausch, the Sales Maven. Nikki shares her journey from not initially aspiring to be an entrepreneur due to witnessing financial struggles in her family’s tool store, to unintentionally embarking on her entrepreneurial path. She found her calling in teaching people how to sell and started her own business after not landing a sales job.

Nikki talks about her realization that something was missing in her life while working in the tech industry and attending trade shows. This led her to leave her job, interview in a different industry, and discover a passion for networking with passionate entrepreneurs. Recognized for her sales skills, Nikki was encouraged to pursue it as a business.

One of Nikki’s biggest fears as an entrepreneur was feeling like she had nothing unique to say. She overcame this fear by giving talks at various events to refine her message and found that discussing buying signals resonated with the audience. She wrote a book on the topic and focuses on doubling down on topics that resonate with people.

The hardest part for entrepreneurs, according to Nikki, is feeling like they have to do everything themselves. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing one’s weaknesses, empowering others, and giving up control. While it can be a risk, relinquishing control often leads to positive experiences and growth.

Nikki’s business was successful but required a significant amount of her time. However, a mentor challenged her belief that she had to work harder to achieve more success. This led her to pare down her offers and create a group coaching program called the sales management society. By putting the content behind a paid wall, Nikki freed up more time in her business and saw an increase in her income.

Throughout her journey, Nikki recognized the importance of mentors. From her grandfather to mentors in high school and her sales career, they have all played a significant role in her success. She also highlights the value of investing in support, such as hiring an online business manager and an assistant to manage overwhelming email volume.

With her expertise in sales, presentation skills, and background in neurolinguistic programming (NLP), Nikki has built a successful business. She shares how her style resonated with audiences early on, leading to growth and recognition.

Join us on this episode of Empowering Entrepreneurs as we dive deep into Nikki Rausch’s inspiring journey and learn valuable insights on selling, empowering others, and the importance of mentors in entrepreneurship.