As we enter into season 2 of our podcast, we enjoy getting feedback from you, our listeners, that you are getting value from our great guests sharing their stories on their “how,” their “why,” and their “would, could or should haves.”

It’s been a great experience for us to sit across the table or sit on a Zoom call with them and really watch people have “aha moments.” Because as entrepreneurs, we don’t necessarily have time to sit back and reflect or have awareness of where we were and where we are.

We’ve really made our guests take a moment, reflect, and be able to have those “Wow, I really did that” moments.

And we know this is probably the only time that our guests don’t have their phones on and working when they’re doing the podcast with us. So they literally do have to focus and reflect.

Thanks for a great season 1 in 2022, and we look forward to bringing you more insights on Empowering Entrepreneurs during season 2 in 2023.



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