It’s never too late

Some people are born knowing their passion.  But for the vast majority of us, finding what we love is a journey.  

For Pamela Katz, her journey to entrepreneurship is full of twists and turns.  An adventurer at heart, she tried several different paths before synthesizing her skills in her new business.  Now she is able to use her experience and wisdom to inspire and help others.

Age is just a number

The number of times we’ve gone around the sun can inform much of what we do.  We spend most of our lives hearing we’re “too young” and then start telling ourselves we are “too old” for certain activities.

Pamela is living out the opposite of this.  After a successful career in advertising, moving through several states, going back to school for a library certification, and then returning to advertising, she embodies the entrepreneurial spirit.  

After an injury, Pamela saw a need for pain management that would not feed into the opioid crisis. As she educated herself and tried non-traditional pain management through CBD, she saw an opportunity to help others as well.

Find experts

Embarking on a new path can feel overwhelming.  Pamela wasn’t a seasoned entrepreneur.  For this new shift she needed someone else to point her in the right direction.  

Growing up with a family of entrepreneurs and having a husband familiar with retail gave Pamela the expertise that she needed to open her own retail space. 

Through her initial set up, she relied on the experience of others in order to achieve something that she would not have been able to do on her own.  She found resources through her local Chamber of Commerce and even tapped into the local university.

Now, Pamela is inspiring other entrepreneurs and sharing her expertise around CBD.  

Cultivate skills

Through this transition, Pamela was able to use the skills she had gained in the corporate world.  She was starting something new, not starting from scratch.

Her time in the corporate world allowed her to learn flexibility, build relationships, and time management.  Even though she found that the corporate world wasn’t for her, her experience there helped shape her so that she was ready to make the jump when the time was right.

Her learning didn’t stop there.  As she transitioned to business owner, she knew that marketing and branding were critical to her success.  With restrictions around the advertisement of CBD, Pamela had to learn to use social media to market her business.

Instead of seeing this as a roadblock, Pamela rose to the challenge and added more tools to her toolbox.

Final thoughts

The old adage of “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” isn’t true.  The ability to learn, grow, and persevere sticks with us.  

Pamela’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, education, and building relationships. She has managed to create a haven for her customers and inspire others to pursue their dreams. Her passion and dedication to educating people about the benefits of CBD have made her business a game-changer for so many of her customers.

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