Reflect, Plan, Succeed: Empowering Entrepreneurs Prepare for the New Year

Episode Transcription

Glenn Harper [00:00:01]:

Hey, Julie. How we doing?

Julie Smith [00:00:02]:

Hey. It’s another episode of Empowering Entrepreneurs, but without a guest.

Glenn Harper [00:00:08]:

Oh, I can hardly believe we’re in December already, and we get to pause and reflect a little bit about the year and, see if there’s any nuggets we can Bring forth to help people get not only through the silly season of holidays, but get some motivation for next year.

Julie Smith [00:00:20]:

You mean as they start planning? Or they might even start thinking about that 2024 year. Right?

Glenn Harper [00:00:26]:

I’m telling you, this is the time to do it, which is seems like the hardest time to do it, but it really is this is the time to set set yourself up so you don’t Not we don’t use the f word, but set you up for success. Right?

Julie Smith [00:00:36]:

Well, and I think just December becomes a month of reflection onto What you did for the year, where you are currently, and where do you wanna go?

Glenn Harper [00:00:45]:

And, again, as an entrepreneur, the, there’s no more harsher critic out there than yourself. Right.

Julie Smith [00:00:51]:

That’s true. Yeah. I think, you know, as I reflect back on the episodes, one thing that I think rings true throughout a lot of them was being busy. And are you busy for the right reasons? And so that reflection to me is really trying to set intentional goals and really understanding where I’m going so I don’t continue to do all the noise that’s out there.

Glenn Harper [00:01:15]:

Yeah. Everybody’s on the hamster wheel, And we always say that is to get out of your own way and sitting back and evaluating If you’re getting this doing the same thing, getting the same results

Julie Smith [00:01:26]:


Glenn Harper [00:01:27]:

What’s probably happening? You’re spinning your wheels, and you just get more and more busy, but you’re really not getting results. So how do you step back and go, what are those things that I can hand off, that I can put over somewhere else and have somebody else do it for me To give me that boost so I can spend quality time doing what I’m supposed to do.

Julie Smith [00:01:43]:

Or maybe you even in that time find a different passion.

Glenn Harper [00:01:47]:

Isn’t that the darnest thing we’ve learned? People start out and going hell bent this way on a b c, and they’re going this way. And the next thing you know, they’re over here.

Julie Smith [00:01:55]:

Like a 2 by 4 hits him in the face, and they just automatically turn a different turn right instead of left.

Glenn Harper [00:02:00]:

Well, you know, it is you never know where the opportunity is gonna come from. And I think when you’re an entrepreneur, you get bombarded with so many things. You get stuck in your own world, still quest and get information, still go out and about and learn things, And you would be surprised where something that might resonate with you. So don’t don’t close yourself off. You should open yourself up even more.

Julie Smith [00:02:19]:

Which I think is another big takeaway that I had is relationships.

Glenn Harper [00:02:23]:


Julie Smith [00:02:24]:

Yes. Finding you know, it may be small. It may be bigger than small, but finding those key people that are your true cheerleaders, They’ll be truthful with you, but the people that want to see you succeed no matter what and are willing to have the hard conversations.

Glenn Harper [00:02:40]:

And remember, It seemed like one of the biggest things that happened is when people started doing things for something other than themselves, trying to help somebody else, That’s when they found what they’re looking for. They’re everybody’s so worried about taking care of them. Soon as you turn around and start helping And being a mentor for somebody else, it comes back to you tenfold. That was one thing that was I thought was really cool about this.

Julie Smith [00:03:04]:

Well, I think most Our guest had mentors in some way, shape, or form, and they may not have been in the, you know, way traditional way that we see them, but they all had Someone that impacted their life in some way, shape, or form that brought them to where they are today.

Glenn Harper [00:03:18]:

But they what they did then is then they turned around and started giving back And doing it for something bigger than them, and that’s when everything popped for them. And then that’s when they found their peace, you know, and they were working with that purpose, and they kinda knew what was going on Because it wasn’t about the rat race. It was about helping others. And that was that was a very profound topic that came up a lot of our episodes this year, of whenever we made that transition.

Julie Smith [00:03:42]:

And I think, you know, I’m gonna speak for you, but I think a takeaway for you was, I remember something about Fight Club.

Glenn Harper [00:03:49]:

Oh, yeah. Like, you know, nobody talks about as an entrepreneur, you’re on this island. Right? And you you can’t you nobody can Appreciate, relate, or even comprehend what you go through on a daily basis. You are literally by yourself, and you just have to know that that’s just the way it is. And then you realize, well, wait a second. I can go talk to other entrepreneurs that might want to commiserate with that. And all of a sudden, now you’re in this little fight club where you really can’t talk about to anybody else. People just can’t comprehend it.

Glenn Harper [00:04:18]:

But that’s the first rule as entrepreneurs. You you don’t have to do it by yourself. You can share those things, But you have to be selective with that because, you know, your your biggest fear is what? These somebody’s gonna mock you. You’re gonna fail. They’re gonna judge you. Don’t worry about that.

Julie Smith [00:04:31]:

Right? And I think, you know, the other thing to put something into perspective is a lot of these people are leading not from fear.

Glenn Harper [00:04:38]:

Oh, right. They’re just going.

Julie Smith [00:04:40]:

They’re just they see something at the end of, you know, whatever it is, and they’re going after it. But in the same, I think we asked every single guest or close to every single guest about the peaks in the valleys. And everybody learned way more in the valley than they ever did at a peak. And the peak sometimes are so quick, and sometimes you’re in the valley a lot longer. So being able to continue to See that end result or where you’re going, whatever you’re climbing, whatever you’re doing, I think was really something that every single person that we had on went through.

Glenn Harper [00:05:15]:

Yeah. The the the valley is utter despair. Like, the world’s closing in on you, and if you can just recognize that Just don’t quit today. Keep going, and and and focus and try hard and dig deeper, because you’ll never get anywhere if you quit. And as an entrepreneur, that’s never an option. You can’t quit. So just when you recognize that you have to fight because you’re back against the wall, You will come out a a winner, but enjoy the the the valley because that’s where you learn everything.

Julie Smith [00:05:46]:

What I think is we reflect, you know, here on the year, I think oftentimes entrepreneurs have no idea that they’ve hit a peak because they’re continuously chasing that next peak. And so as you sit and reflect here, you know, I think it’s easy to reflect on those valleys. But I think, you know, A lot of the entrepreneurs, a lot of the listeners, you guys have hit your peaks many times throughout this year. And so have some awareness around those that you did achieve great things this year.

Glenn Harper [00:06:13]:

Yeah. So on the common theme of successful entrepreneurs and, again, success is not money. It’s not it can be anything you define it to be, but it is the The struggle is what makes getting to the peak enjoyable. If you don’t have to struggle, it just isn’t it just doesn’t do it for you. And Back to your other point you made is, like, there’s 2 ways to go into this thing as an entrepreneur. You can kinda dip a toe in the water And kinda dual be a dual employed and and work on it because you need that safety net and you wanna just feel it out. There’s nothing wrong with that option. And the other way is just cannonball off the top, you know, the top diving board and just see what happens.

Glenn Harper [00:06:51]:

Either way works. You just gotta know who you are, if what’s what your comfort level is, And the support people around you. Do they buy into what you’re trying to do? Do they support you? Believe in you, really, is what the hardest thing is as an entrepreneur. People just don’t believe in you. Right?

Julie Smith [00:07:06]:

Right. And I think, you know, one of my, biggest moments that we had, you know, here on the podcast was being able to meet some of our guests in person. Mhmm. Whether by chance, you know, being in the same town at the same time, or, you know, coordinating something to be able to meet. We’ve really created a community around the entrepreneurs and what that means, and I think that to me is my biggest takeaway as we reflect back on this year.

Glenn Harper [00:07:34]:

Yeah. And it’s funny. When you meet people in person, they look a lot thinner than on TV because it puts extra pounds on them. So that was always nice to see that. And it was this you know, even though you talk to somebody as a guest for, you know, less than an hour, when you meet up with them somewhere, you feel like you’ve known them forever Because you have that just you share in that thing of we went through that struggle together of being wherever we everybody is everybody is where they belong. Right? And Don’t try to think you’re supposed to be somewhere else. Wherever you are, that’s where you’re supposed to be. But to to have that ability to just have the connection, And I don’t think there’s any guest that we’ve had that if they called us and needed something, we’d help them.

Glenn Harper [00:08:10]:

And if we had called them, they’d all help us as well, which is a really kinda cool thing.

Julie Smith [00:08:14]:

And it’s just a meeting by here on this podcast that, you know, we have great guests. They have great stories, and everybody’s able to learn a little something about from their journey for their journey.

Glenn Harper [00:08:25]:

And that goes back to the whole part. If you’re an entrepreneur, please set up some time throughout the week To go explore and learn from other things of just doing what you do all day long because you might find that inspiration. You might find the key. You might find the shortcut. You might find the inspiration to get you to do to the next level, and you dig in a little bit more, and then pow, it happens for you. So just incursion of Every single guest we had, they all hit the wall, and then they found that one thing that resonated, and then they were able to get successful at it.

Julie Smith [00:08:56]:

Yeah. So I think, you know, 2023 was an amazing season for the podcast, and I’m looking forward to 2024. And what do we get to learn from everybody that’s on then?

Glenn Harper [00:09:06]:

Well, the best part about 2024, it’s the last year of the TCJA Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and there’s a lot of playing that has to happen. So This is a big year coming up to recognize when those bad provisions sunsets. You got 1 year to do it a certain way, and then it all goes back to the old way. And if you’re not planning for that, that’s a problem. So as an entrepreneur, you better be thinking about not only everything we just talked about, you about to think about your financial condition and what the rules are gonna be because they’re gonna change.

Julie Smith [00:09:33]:

Just so you know, Glenn just lost me in the last 30 seconds because I have no idea what he’s Thinking about

Glenn Harper [00:09:38]:

Blah blah blah.

Julie Smith [00:09:39]:

Yeah. Something about taxes and something about something else.

Glenn Harper [00:09:42]:

But that goes to the thing is that when you have your, I guess your trusted advisers around you make sure that you’re asking the questions. It’s not just about doing the work. It’s about being smart and efficient doing the work, and you sure you have good advisers, attorney, tax, consulting, all those things. Right? And as an entrepreneur, you’ve gotta put that team together.

Julie Smith [00:10:01]:

And I think that’s was another key takeaway is, we talked to everybody as they may not have known that in the beginning, but they definitely figured that out by the end.

Glenn Harper [00:10:09]:

That is the take some

Julie Smith [00:10:10]:

way during their

Glenn Harper [00:10:11]:

Correct. In the in the journey, once they realized that they couldn’t do anymore and they hired out somebody to do that thing for them, That’s when they could scale and grow. So that’s that’s the takeaway. So good good stuff.

Julie Smith [00:10:23]:

So thanks for listening to another, episode of Empowering Preneurs, I’m Julie Smith.

Episode Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of Empowering Entrepreneurs, where we dive into the world of entrepreneurship and offer valuable insights to help you succeed. In this episode, Glenn Harper and Julie Smith reflect on the past year and provide invaluable advice to arm you with the motivation and preparation needed for the upcoming year.

They discuss the importance of setting intentional goals, evaluating your journey as an entrepreneur, and the power of building relationships and finding mentors. Throughout the conversation, they emphasize the significance of learning from both the peaks and valleys of the entrepreneurial journey, and the necessity of assembling a trusted team of advisors.

Join us as we explore the key takeaways from successful entrepreneurs and gain wisdom to propel us into 2024.

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